What Makes Escape Pixel

Everybody love fun facts. Here are one of few handpick selected fun facts about us

Rockstar Developer

We are a small team of "Rockstar Developers", who are passionate code ninjas with the mutual love for cutting edge technologies and challenging problems. We adhere to all the best practices known for development process and with our love for code pushing us to the limit to deliver robust, scaleable product to the hands of our clients. We are constantly learning new technologies to deliver the best possible solution to our clients.

Passionate Artists

Problem solving, possibly, is the most delicate form of Art known to intelligent primates. And we are the crazy-artists who would give all of us to achieve the-state-of-the-art solutions. You ask for our help, just lay back, relax, while our hand-crafted solutions take care of the problems your business is facing


Dealing with the unprofessional consultants/contractors could be the last thing you want while you are trying to keep things moving with your business. With "Us", who value most the professionalism and business-ethic among other things, you won't need to worry about any of those, just let us get the job done. Because, we are that kind of gentlemen

Agile Timekeepers

Remember that good old phrase "Time is of the essence here.". Yeah, you do. We are sure, that you must have wanted to launch something at certain time and things are just not ready, that sucks huh? Don't worry, we don't waste time wondering off the road. From the day one, we'd schedule time frames of project, deliver the product phrase by phrase to you, and things will be shining in white light before you know it. That's what we the agile-timekeepers do.

Rockstar Developers

Passionate code ninjas with the mutual love for cutting edge technologies and challenging problems

Passionate Artists

Crazy-artists who would give all of us to achieve the-state-of-the-art solutions


Who value the professionalism and business-ethic among other things most


Agile timekeepers who do not waste time wondering off the road


It all started in June 2015. With greater beliefs and love of passion, Escape Pixel was born. We are makers, doers, dreamers, young at the age and mature at the heart. We crave to create beautiful stuffs and we always dare ourselves to do great things. We believe in delivering specifically tailored solutions and exceedingly committed to connecting the boundaries of trend consciousness and realities of the modern digital industry today.

Our team is our biggest badass super power. We are a team of rockstar developers, passionate artists, true gentlemen and agile timekeepers collaboratively working across two offices in separate approximation of 1760 miles of Sunny Singapore and Golden Yangon. We take pride in providing full cycle head to toe digital solutions to our clients so that they can enjoy friction free user experiences.

How Stories are Written

Splendid stories aren’t inscribed in one-shot

Now that we know your problem, where do we go from here?

You may know better about the problems that your business is currently facing, but we are better at finding best solutions to solve these problems. The very first step that we always perform for every projects we take on is, sitting down and discussing with you face-to-face. In every successful business, planning and analyzing is the king. So for you to visualize the end results, we will come up with detailed analyses, extensive case studies and comprehensive development schedules. With this approach we take, you can sit back, relax and focus on doing your business rather than chasing emails and phone calls.

Finding the best materials to build your stronghold

At Escape Pixel, we make things happen. To build your stronghold, we will ensure that your app is going in the right direction at the optimum level. We take pride in writing clean code, producing pixel-perfect design and following agile methodology. We adopt good practices to deliver remarkable product that meets your desire and brand image. Be comfortable, our code ninjas will bring you on your way to the top.

Continuous shipping is the best way to deliver

We are committed to go above and beyond unprecedented innovation. We not only we set our mentality straight to build all of the product diligently but also we utilize best available resources to maximize the final deliverables with promising prospects. Behind every successful product there’s a great maintenance/support team and here we are. We spend time to pierce every single layer to ensure that your product is functioning fluidly just as fabulous as it looks.